Never Too Young!



If you ever take time to really listen to children, it is amazing how smart they are and how much compassion they have. They are willing to help when needed and show a great concern for animals.

Teaching children how important it is to respect animals and learning to donate their time to help nonprofits is worth it's weight in gold. Not only to the children but to the animals and the organization.

We value our young volunteers as they play an important part in our rescue.


Lydia gave her time at one of our yard sales to come out and help us to raise funds for our animals.

She ran a lemonade stand and sold glasses of lemonade for $1. We had a blast watching her and she had fun doing it. Lydia's parents, Madeline and Steve, are a foster home for kitties at our rescue, so Lydia is learning to foster also. Plus she has kitties of her own.


Jade unselfishly donated a huge amount of her toys to our rescue to help us raise funds for our animals. Most of which sold at our last yard sale and contributed to us having one of our best yard sales ever. She could have very well kept the toys to sell for herself but gave them to us instead. Jade and her mom Jennifer, who manage the Storage Neighbor have two kitties of their own that they adore.


Lenora Faye as young as she is ( two years old ) came out in the cold for our yard sale in March 09. She brought three boxes of her clothes, shoes and toys to donate to help raise money for homeless animals. Her mom Marti contacted us to see if they could both volunteer to help Forgotten Animals Rescue. Is she not the cutest little girl in her little hat? We thought so, and how wonderful of her and her mom to donate their time and items to help animals.


Forgotten Animals Rescue wants to thank these three young volunteers and their parents, for helping us and our animals!



TROOP 1196

When troop leader April, contacted us to tell us that troop 1196 wanted to take on a project of making blankets and toys for some of the homeless animals, we were over joyed. We never expected such great blankets and toys. The best thing is, they were hand made with love, for animals. The little toys they made from plastic eggs were filled with kitty kibble and the kitties love them. They push and roll them all over the floor. And the blankets are so soft and warm, as soon as we laid them down, everyone piled in for a nap.

Forgotten Animals Rescue would like to thank each and everyone of these little girls in troop 1196 for thinking about and helping homeless animals!




As with all organizations, volunteers are an important resource.

We need people to help with foster, adoption, transport, emails, and

fund raisers.

Even if you only have a few hours a week to spare, we need you.

Please make a difference in the life of an animal on death row.

If you think you would like to volunteer for this organization

please email us.





We will be glad to send you information on how you can get started.