Looking for volunteers to help trap feral kitties!
If your interested contact us.

Can't foster or adopt but want to help animals?
Can you donate to help an animal in need?
Their life depends upon people helping them.

Special need animals make wonderful companions. They may have disabilities, medical conditions or may be a little older. Yes, they might cost a little more or take a little more of your time. But they are so worth it. Please consider adopting one today!





                                                DONATIONS and FOSTERS ARE URGENTLY NEEDED NOW!   





Many people are unaware of the over-population problem of animals in GA. Thousands of companion animals

are euthanized every year. We strongly believe in spaying and neutering all companion animals and feral cats.

Preventing litters is the best way to reduce the number of animals that end up on the streets or in county shelters. There are many low cost or free options now available for spay/neuter. Trap/neuter/release is the best option for feral cats. If you need information on spay/neuter or TNR for feral cats, please contact us.

You can also help by adopting a homeless animal from rescues or county shelters. Some people think that animals in rescue or county shelters are broken. They think that buying from a breeder insures that they get a perfect pet. It does not. Many animals suffer terribly at the hands of back yard breeders, all for the sake of making money. Give a homeless pet a chance and discover how much love they have to give.


Around 90,000 animals are killed just in metro Atlanta's animal shelters, each year. It is estimated that well over 200,000 + animals are killed statewide in Georgia per year. Adoptable, loving animals that are unwanted, abandoned, abused and stray.


Forgotten Animals Rescue,Inc. is an organization in Atlanta that is dedicated to saving animals.

We are an all volunteer organization.


 " What is death row"?

The majority are city and county animal control facilities that temporarily house unwanted, abused, neglected and stray animals. The animals that end up on death row have very little time to be rescued, fostered or adopted. Their days are limited. Injured animals and owner surrenders are the first to be killed.  Most of the time stray animals are given 3 to 5 days before they are killed, to give owners a chance to claim them. If not claimed, adopted or rescued, then they too are killed.

Most animal control facilities do not want to kill these animals but have no choice due to over crowding. Many of them try their best to help these animals but are limited in resources to do so.


People and rescuers with very little resources other than their own time and money have combed the websites, arranged transports, paid for medical and boarding, fostered and found no-kill rescues for animals, from Georgia kill shelters.  A countless number of dogs and cats are now safe and able to find forever homes due to this effort. But everyday urgent request for help come from city and county shelters here in Georgia who are about to kill these forgotten animals.


You can help us and the animals by:




Helping to spread the word about these forgotten animals

Adopting instead of buying



Please be a responsible and loving companion to your 4 legged pal by: 

Supporting spay and neuter

Please don't breed

Using microchips and tags

Regular vet visits and vaccines

Keeping your pet safely contained

Lifetime commitment to your pet