Happy Adoption Stories!


This little calico was pulled from a local shelter and put into our foster home program. It wasnt long before she

had made a place in the hearts of her fosters, Madeline and Steve. She has become the best friend of one of their other kitties Twyla. The two of them can now been seen laying on a pillow in front of the fireplace on a cold night, friends 4 - ever. What a perfect place for kitties to be!

Thank you so much for fostering and adopting Claudia and making her a part of your wonderful home!



Baxter has been adopted by his foster parents Jeniene and Frank. We couldn't ask for better parents. They agreed to foster Baxter through his leg surgery and have been devoted to him ever since. Two leg surgeries later, Baxter is doing great and such a lucky little dog. If it had not been for them fostering Baxter, his life could have ended in tragedy. Now a spoiled little dog who gets to go to the dog park, go on walks everyday, lays on the couch and sleeps in the bed, is leading a life of luxury. And best of all, he has a mom and dad who love him and he absolutely adores them!

Thank you for fostering and adopting this little guy and giving him a loving home!!!!!!!!!!!!!


UPDATE- Lillian was returned and is now up for adoption!


Lillian came from one of the highest intake animal control facilities in Atlanta. She had been in the adoption ward in a cage for months and no one came for her. We just couldn't understand because this little girl was beautiful. Hilda saw Lillian's picture on petfinders soon after we took her into our adoption program and just fell in love with her. She and her family came all the way from Madison GA to see Lillian at PetSmart.

Now Lillian has a mom of her own and is spoiled everyday!



These babies have been in foster with two rescues for almost a year. Beautiful kitties that are real purr

boxes. Our dream was that they be able to stay together. They are brother and sister that just adore each other. They were wishing for a family that would love them both and give them all the attention kitties could hope for. Their wish has come true!

We want to thank Carmon and Rangers new mom and dad for opening up their hearts and giving these two kitties a wonderful caring home that allowed them to stay together!